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Our amazing group of bloggers includes Nicole Lachance the Bella Vita Beauty Blogger, Renee Altman a Holistic Nutritionist, and many other guest writers.

DIY Perfume Oil
DIY Beauty
March 6, 2022

DIY Perfume Oil

DIY perfume oil combinations are a classic and simple way to enhance your beauty routine.  This blend has an understated warmth to…
eggnog hair mask
DIY Beauty
December 23, 2021

Eggnog Hair Mask

How much do we love to drink eggnog during the holiday season? The comforting aroma of this festive drink got me thinking…
DIY Perfume Oil at Crystal Hills
DIY Beauty
June 13, 2021

DIY Perfume Oil

When springtime comes, I notice a palpable change in the air. Everything seems fresh, and it’s so lovely to see the flowers…
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