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Bustle features Crystal Hills Organics, Crystal Harmony Bath Salts


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Bustle features Crystal Hills Organics. "22 Secret Santa Gift Ideas People Will Actually Use. Crystal Harmony Bath Salts. This bath salt mix…
Vegan Apricot Leg Scrub

Vegan Apricot Leg Scrub

| DIY Beauty | No Comments
You will need: 4 ripe apricots 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup raw organic sugar Purée the apricots, add the coconut oil,…
Create your own Love Spell Potion

Love Spell Potion

| DIY Beauty, Intentional Living | No Comments
Love Spell What fun would it be as an herbalist if I couldn’t research all the magical properties of botanicals and plants?…
cherry facial mask

Dessert for your Face

| DIY Beauty | No Comments
The fruit-growing season in Canada is short, and when summer comes I like to take advantage of what is fresh, available, and…
The Teaching Moment of Fear with Kari Tribble

The Teaching Moment of Fear

| Intentional Living | No Comments
There can be accomplishments all around you . . . small successes that build up to something grand… and yet, there’s this…
turkey quinoa soup

Turkey Quinoa Soup

| Recipes | No Comments
I love one pot meals that intertwine protein, with healthy carbs plus a mixture of vegetables. Here’s a great ‘go to’ soup…
The Globe and Mail features Crystal Hills Organics with Crystal Moon Goddess

The Globe and Mail

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Crystal Hills Organics is featured in the Globe and Mail. "Crystal Moon Goddess. A blend of oils including coconut and meadowfoam soften…
Oxygen features Crystal Hills Organics


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Oxygen features Crystal Hills Organics "Crystal Love Bath Salts - Relax and rejuvenate after a hard workout with this synergistically blended bath…
Crystal Hills Organics in American Spa Magazine

American Spa Magazine

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American Spa Magazine features Crystal Hills Organics and invites Andrea Barone to talk about crystal clearing. "Rock Stars. The future is bright…
Vancouver Sun features Crystal Hills Organics and Andrea Barone

Vancouver Sun

| Press | No Comments
Crystal Hills Organics and Andrea Barone featured in the Vancouver Sun. "You don't have to be a believer in the power of…
Cleopatra style milk bath with roses at CHO

Cleopatra-Style Milk Bath with Roses

| DIY Beauty | No Comments
My husband laughs at me for being so critical of myself. When we are on the beach, for example, I will look…
eggnog hair mask

Eggnog Hair Mask

| DIY Beauty | No Comments
How much do we love to drink eggnog during the holiday season? The comforting aroma of this festive drink got me thinking…

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What Our Clients Say

Both my daughter and I love these bath salts. They are a great way to unwind at the end of the day and leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I adore the lavender scent and the added bonus of helping to put my little one to sleep.

Diana Brooks

This is literally my secret weapon for staying calm.

Claudia F.Crystal Dreams Body Serum

Great for using when you are manifesting - I say goddess affirmations when I'm in the tub.

Ayana M.Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

These bath salts are simply exquisite. I use them every chance I get, my kids have long baths and always ask for the “pink bath salts”. The rose fragrance is beautiful – I feel relaxed and refreshed when I soak in the tub. I’m also really happy that my kids can use all of the products from crystal hills as they’re organic and have no chemicals to hurt the skin. All natural.

Molly HawthorneCrystal Love Bath Salts

Pure luxury! I would recommend to anyone.

Jeanine P.Crystal Harmony Body Serum

A friend recommended these as she raves about this brand, they do have those goddess vibes.

Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

I just tried the ritual kit and loved it. I felt so much lighter and hopeful after. Thank you.

Isabella C.Crystal Love Ritual Kit

So many good ingredients in these. I love all the rose petals. I don't use the bag, just pour into the bath.

CarmenCrystal Love Bath Salts

I use this to help me stay calm before auditions and it helps.

W. BrownCrystal Dreams Body Serum

They smell wonderful and really does soak away muscle pain. I love it.

ShaniaCrystal Harmony Bath Salts

These are my secret weapon for helping me have peace and to stay heart centered.

Jayden T.Crystal Love Collection

I received this as a gift and absolutely love it. I couldn't believe there was a crystal inside. So cool.

Luciana D.Crystal Love Body Serum

This helps me get through stuff. I use these in the evenings to help me unwind and reduce anxiety. I totally look forward to using them.

T.L.Crystal Dreams Bath Salts

Heaven in the bath . . . So peaceful, especially for busy mamas! The scent is pretty and subtle and the minerals and crystals make my skin feel so good.

Alix H.Crystal Harmony Bath Salts

I just did this ritual the last new moon and I can already see positive changes entering my life. Thank you!!!

KourtneyNew Moon Ritual Kit

There is something very luxurious about bathing in organic flower petals with the ancient healing power of crystals….Just heavenly. Love this product!

J. DrexelCrystal Dreams Bath Salts

Cherish – that is the word that comes to mind when I think of this beautiful love body serum. When I apply this serum to my skin in the morning, it feels so nourishing and makes me as feel pretty as the rose petals that create it. The scent is deeply addictive yet subtle and only noticeable to those closest to you. Love serum is a wonderful self-love gesture and also makes an amazing gift from your heart.

l.M. GodwinCrystal Love Body Serum

I use this at night to help me relax. I use about 2 pumps on my hands, breathe it in and then use the rest on my arms and body.

Dallas L.Crystal Dreams Body Serum

Crystal moon goddess is a must for everyone. Subtle, sexy vibes.

Amanda GreyCrystal Moon Goddess Body Serum

Saw a write up on these salts and glad I tried them. So great for sore muscles.

Veronica TateCrystal Harmony Bath Salts

I have been meditating with the rose quartz spheres in both hands while saying positive affirmations for the past few months and not only do I feel better, but I've been asked out on a few dates. Thank you so much!

LauraCrystal Rose Quartz Spheres

I love these crystals. I keep them on my nightstand and they give me a sense of peace.

Gianna T.Crystal Dreams Collection

I read the write up on the salts on livestrong so thought I would try them. They definitely help with muscle recovery and are my secret weapon for training.

JohnCrystal Harmony Bath Salts

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