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Rhodonite is a deep pink crystal with dark or black inclusions that is known for fostering the energy of love. It is said to have a stimulating effect on sexuality and self-expression, and has also been known to be an effective crystal in sound healing, to help create health and balance in the body. Its name was derived from the ancient Green word ‎rhódon, meaning “rose”.

This crystal helps to keep a clear, calm mind during challenging circumstances in life by helping to lend supportive energy. We all go through challenges in life: a change in jobs, the end of friendship, dealing with difficult people, separation or divorce, the loss of a loved one, or even a relocation. It is in these moments where it can help to hold onto a piece of rhodonite and feel its vibration of love and calmness, reminding us to stay consciously centered and to feel self-love. Rhodonite can enhance the clarity of one’s experiences, whether it be helping to realize both sides of an issue, or helping us down the path of forgiveness of ourselves or others.

Rhodonite is an excellent crystal to meditate on or work with when trying to determine one’s inner gifts or life purpose. It helps us along the path of self-discovery, working towards the fulfillment of our aspirations. After we discover our gifts, skills, or special abilities, we can figure out how to use those talents for the highest good. The vibration of this crystal can realign us with a sense of self-worth and self-love, ultimately aiding us in attracting the right people or situations into our life that will help us on our journey.


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