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  The Best Healthy Holiday Gifts to Give and to Receive Looking for some special gift ideas to make you a hero during the holidays? The Livestrong team made a list of on-trend products we are loving this winter. Crystal Hills Organic Crystal Harmony Bath Salts If you know someone in need of a relaxing and rejuvenating soak in the tub, you want them to be prepared with quality salts, bubbles, candles — the works. These Crystal Harmony Bath Salts contain solar-dried sea salts and Epsom salts to soothe aching muscles along with fragrant botanicals like green tea and sea buckthorn — and pretty green quartz crystals. “Self-care will never stop being important. That’s why I keep healing bath salts in my bathroom at all times,” says…


Popsugar Crystal Hills Organics

  These Are the 50 Best Beauty Gifts — All $70 and Under It’s time, y’all. No matter where you fall on the “it’s too early to start thinking about the holidays” bandwagon, the reality is that we are less than 60 days from the end of the year. Crazy. So if you plan to do any holiday shopping, there’s no better time than now to get a jump on it. And seriously, once you take a peek at all of these goods to give this year, the task will feel way less daunting. It’s likely that even if someone on your list isn’t a grade-A beauty junkie, they’ll still be into one of these get-glam, wind-down, or refresh-and-treat beauty finds. And in more good news:…

conscious living tv

Conscious Living tv

Conscious Gift Ideas for Your Mindful Peeps Finding gifts for those you love is never an easy task. Though it’s the thought that counts, no one wants to find a gift laboriously selected with care tucked away in the back of their BFF’s closet. FOR THE SPA JUNKIE Add some healing to your loved weekly bath ritual with Crystal Hills Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts made with an organic immersion of jasmine and elderflower in mineral-laden dead sea salts. On top of the dead sea salts’ deeply healing properties, these salts contain special quartz crystals prized by healers and thought to draw out negative energy from the body. These soothing salts also contain essential oils, leaving a silky feeling that lasts. Best of all, eight percent of…

Viva Glam Magazine

Viva Glam Magazine

Non-Toxic Beauty Gifts that Encourage Self-Care CRYSTAL HILLS ORGANICS Want a gift that screams “relaxation”? Get them fragranced bath salts. And for lovers of crystal therapy, you just found their ideal gift. Crystal Hills Organics bath salts are made with thousands of petals, dead sea salt, and crystals for the ultimate healing experience.

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Eluxe Magazine with Crystal Hills

  WHY WOO WOO WELLNESS IS THE LATEST TREND IN ORGANIC SKINCARE by Eluxe magazine Why do you think there’s a growing interest again in healing crystals? I believe that people are becoming more open to trying alternative ways to restore balance in their hectic lives, and to improve their health. In recent years, crystals seemed to be viewed as something that was more ‘out there’, antireligious, or something that was used by hippies. It seemed like there was a bit of a stigma attached to using them or believing in their beneficial properties. People are coming to realize that crystals have been used since ancient times due to their healing capabilities, and that there is actual evidence to support that they are truly beneficial…

Shape Magazine

  Do Crystal-Infused Beauty Products Really Work? Short answer: Experts say there’s no reason not to try them if that’s your thing. Crystal Hills Organics Moon Goddess Body Serum This hydrating body oil is made with clear quartz crystal, which is supposed to help you achieve a more balanced energy—getting rid of all that bad mojo and encouraging good vibes.

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The sun is setting on summer weather, and the clouds are slowly moving in. It’s time to get cozy. While we all love to frolic in the sun, there’s something about time spent indoors during the fall and winter months that brings a warm, fuzzy feeling. Hot chocolate, snuggles, fresh-out-the-dryer robes, good-smelling candles—there are so many wonderful ways to spend time inside. For celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Kaia Gerber and Tracee Ellis Ross, relaxing is more than a option—it’s a necessity. When your life moves fast (photo shoots, appearances, fittings, meet-and-greets, etc), you have to stop and catch your breath, refocus and turn inward. And, thankfully, our favorite A-listers turn to Instagram to capture these silent moments. While most of us don’t have a schedule…

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