Don’t let overwhelm keep you from taking care of yourself.

Trying to manage your to-do list, taking care of your family, running your own business or working outside of the home can leave you with precious few moments to yourself.

You need time for you.

Crystal Hills makes it simple to feel and look better.

Attend to your body, mind and soul, and start living with more love, strength, confidence and harmony.

Feeling an imbalance and need a beauty boost?

Crystal Love Travel Serum

Luxuriate in natural, non-toxic skin care and crystals to feel and look better.

Feeling a lack of direction?

Time to manifest

Create a vision and intention for your life to bring abundance.

Preparing for a Life transition?

Crystal Hills Organics

Embrace a transformative ritual kit to help you move forward in life with clarity and ease.

  • This is literally my secret weapon for staying calm. ~ Claudia F.

    Crystal Dreams Body Serum
  • I received this as a gift and absolutely love it. I couldn't believe there was a crystal inside. So cool. ~ Luciana D.

    Crystal Love Body Serum
  • Great for using when you are manifesting - I say goddess affirmations when I'm in the tub. ~ Ayana M.

    Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts
  • These bath salts are simply exquisite. I use them every chance I get, my kids have long baths and always ask for the “pink bath salts”. The rose fragrance is beautiful – I feel relaxed and refreshed when I soak in the tub. I’m also really happy that my kids can use all of the products from Crystal Hills as they’re organic and have no chemicals to hurt the skin. All natural. ~ Molly Hawthorne

    Crystal Love Bath Salts
  • Pure luxury. I would recommend to anyone. ~ Jeanine P.

    Crystal Harmony Body Serum
  • Cherish – that is the word that comes to mind when I think of this beautiful Love Body Serum. When I apply this serum to my skin in the morning, it feels so nourishing and makes me as feel pretty as the rose petals that create it. The scent is deeply addictive yet subtle and only noticeable to those closest to you. Love serum is a wonderful self-love gesture and also makes an amazing gift from your heart. ~ L.M. Godwin

    Crystal Love Body Serum
  • A friend recommended these as she raves about this brand, They do have those goddess vibes.

    Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts
  • Crystal Moon Goddess is a must for everyone. Subtle, sexy vibes. ~ Amanda Grey

    Crystal Moon Goddess Body Serum
  • I just tried the Ritual Kit and loved it. I felt so much lighter and hopeful after. Thank you. ~ Isabella C.

    Crystal Love Ritual Kit
  • So many good ingredients in these. I love all the rose petals. I don't use the bag, just pour into the bath. ~ Carmen

    Crystal Love Bath Salts
  • I love these crystals. I keep them on my nightstand and they give me a sense of peace. ~ Gianna T.

    Crystal Dreams Collection
  • I use this to help me stay calm before auditions and it helps. ~ W. Brown

    Crystal Dreams Body Serum
  • They smell wonderful and really does soak away muscle pain. I love it. ~ Shania

    Crystal Harmony Bath Salts
  • These are my secret weapon for helping me have peace and to stay heart centered. ~ Jayden T.

    Crystal Love Collection
  • This helps me get through stuff. I use these in the evenings to help me unwind and reduce anxiety. I totally look forward to using them. ~ T.L.

    Crystal Dreams Bath Salts
  • Heaven in the bath . . . so peaceful, especially for busy mamas! The scent is pretty and subtle and the minerals and crystals make my skin feel so good. ~ Alix H.

    Crystal Harmony Bath Salts
  • I just did this ritual the last new moon and I can already see positive changes entering my life. Thank you!! ~ Kourtney

    New Moon Ritual Kit
  • There is something very luxurious about bathing in organic flower petals with the ancient healing power of crystals….just heavenly. Love this product! ~ J. Drexel

    Crystal Dreams Bath Salts
  • I use this at night to help me relax. I use about 2 pumps on my hands, breathe it in and then use the rest on my arms and body. ~ Dallas L.

    Crystal Dreams Body Serum
  • Saw a write up on these salts and glad I tried them. So great for sore muscles. ~ Veronica Tate

    Crystal Harmony Bath Salts
  • I have been meditating with the rose quartz spheres in both hands while saying positive affirmations for the past few months and not only do I feel better, but I've been asked out on a few dates. Thank you so much! ~ Laura

    Crystal Rose Quartz Spheres
  • I read the write up on the salts on Livestrong so thought I would try them. They definitely help with muscle recovery and are my secret weapon for training. ~ John

    Crystal Harmony Bath Salts

    From The Blog

    Hi I’m Andrea,

    I know firsthand how lack in all areas of life impacts the body, mind, and soul. A lack of confidence, a lack of strength, a lack of love for self, or simply a lack of hope that things will get better. I lived for too long in this state of despair before I created Crystal Hills Organics.

    Through meditation, self care, and re-grounding myself and my purpose, I was able to restore what I lacked. I went from utter depletion to an abundance of love and harmony.

    I used daily rituals, calming crystals for my nervous system, organic body care to soothe my skin and I set purposeful intentions to guide the transformation from lack to abundance.

    It is my mission to share these life-changing tools; luxury skincare products, high vibration crystals, and transitional ritual kits so you can move forward.

    There is a goddess within you, worthy of so much more. Start with my intention setting guide, shop the collection of crystals and skincare or prepare for a powerful life transformation with my ritual kit. XXXX

    With an abundance of love,


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