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The Rose in Crystal Love


One of my favourite scents is that of the rose. To me, its scent is intoxicating and alluring. Just conjuring the image of a rose in my mind leads way to thoughts of romance, love, freshness, and exquisite beauty. I knew I had to formulate a product line that featured the aromatic virtues of the beautiful rose.

Crystal Love is a feminine scent that signifies the very essence of romantic love. Sixty thousand petals are needed to make one ounce of Rose Absolute. This pure, opulent essential oil goes into each product in the Crystal Love line.

The essential oil of rose helps one to express their femininity and passion. The enchanting scent also stimulates desire and can inspire confidence of a sensuous nature. This essential oil is also nurturing and uplifting, while helping to alleviate nervous tension and anxiety.

Rose is beneficial for helping to treat female reproductive issues such as premenstrual syndrome, irregular periods, and menopausal issues. Its beauty and special attributes have long been documented through the ages in literature, myth, and art. Rose essential oil is advantageous for women to incorporate into their life.

Love your skin with Crystal Love.


Crystal Love roses


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