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Allantoin is an ingredient useful in products such as cosmetics, toothpastes, shampoos, lipsticks, lotions, and pharmaceuticals. In cosmetics its use is mostly as a moisturizer and to assist in removing upper layers of dead skin cells. This leads to smoother skin and provides a soothing effect.


Allantoin is a minor ingredient found in the comfrey plant. The plant and its root have been used in the past to cure ailments related to skin and bone problems (the plant has common names such as boneset, bruise wort, and healing herb, an attestation to its use). Greek doctors used it stop bleeding, in wound healing, and in helping to mend broken bones.

Current uses

Allantoin can be extracted from the comfrey plant or synthesized. It is cited as an active ingredient in many over-the-counter cosmetics. Allantoin finds applications in moisturizing and helps in removing the upper layer of dead skin cells to help increase skin smoothness. It is also used as treatment for some skin disorders and skin irritation due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Some uses include the use of allantoin as a component in diaper rash products, cold sore treatment, and shampoos for scalp issues. Additionally, it aids in soothing the skin around burns, cuts, and scrapes. Its value in skin treatment is shown in its many applications. An example of its use in Crystal Hill Organics is with Crystal Dreams Bath Salts where it adds to the effectiveness of the bathing experience by soothing and moisturizing the skin.


Written by: Ed Barone

Ed was born in Italy and immigrated to Edmonton as a young child. He always had a penchant for science, and followed his interest to the University of Alberta, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. After graduating, he worked in a couple of laboratories before finding his passion for teaching at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). Ed instructed in Introductory, Analytical, and Instrumental Chemistry for over thirty years. He found it an honour and privilege to assist so many young and vibrant students in finding fulfillment in their ambitions. After retiring, Ed relocated to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. He now spends most of time keeping fit (riding his bike, walking by the ocean, taking fitness classes), and still loves to learn about the world, science, and health.


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