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Eluxe Magazine

Eluxe Magazine with Crystal Hills

  WHY WOO WOO WELLNESS IS THE LATEST TREND IN ORGANIC SKINCARE by Eluxe magazine Why do you think there’s a growing interest again in healing crystals? I believe that people are becoming more open to trying alternative ways to restore balance in their hectic lives, and to improve their…

Shape Magazine

  Do Crystal-Infused Beauty Products Really Work? Short answer: Experts say there’s no reason not to try them if that’s your thing. Crystal Hills Organics Moon Goddess Body Serum This hydrating body oil is made with clear quartz crystal, which is supposed to help you achieve a more balanced energy—getting…

E News

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The sun is setting on summer weather, and the clouds are slowly moving in. It’s time to get cozy. While we all love to frolic in the sun, there’s something about time spent indoors during the fall and winter months that brings a warm, fuzzy feeling. Hot chocolate, snuggles, fresh-out-the-dryer…

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