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Moss Agate

Moss Agate - Crystal Harmony

Moss Agate

This crystal reminds us of nature and the earth with its inclusions of moss green-colored minerals. This semiprecious gemstone is not a true agate, but a form of chalcedony, belonging to the quartz family. Moss agate has long been recorded throughout history and various cultures as being a valuable stone. It has been known as a power stone for Native Americans, a healing stone for tribal priests, an amulet to provide strength for warriors, a crystal for gardeners and agriculturists to help with their crops, and a stone of new beginnings for midwives to help ease labour.

Moss agate is a particularly beneficial crystal that seems to help most people with its’ energetic traits. This crystal emits a peaceful energy that encourages understanding, balance, patience, hope, communication, and self-expression. It helps to develop courage and strength, helping to release fear and self-limiting patterns or beliefs. Moss agate is a very grounding crystal and has the reputation for being a highly protective stone.

This crystal fosters abundance, good luck, and wealth. Moss agate raises awareness that all things have been provided for us within creation, and that it us up to us to accept that this is truth. When we hold this crystal, we can envision our aspirations and know that the energy of these intended desires will be magnified outwards. It then helps to encourage our trust in knowing that the right people, ideas, concepts, and situations will be attracted to us to help us achieve our goals.


You can find Moss Agate in our Crystal Harmony Collection:

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