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Pear and Vanilla Hair Masque

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Now that autumn is here, the air is more crisp. But we do not want our hair to be crisp; it should be soft and silky.
For this hair masque, you will need:

1. One ripe, juicy pear,
2. One egg, and
3. ½ teaspoon pure organic vanilla extract.

In a blender, puree the cored pear, then add the egg and vanilla and blend.

Apply the mixture to your hair, carefully massaging from your scalp all the way down to the ends of your strands. Wrap your hair in a towel and wait about thirty minutes. Then, rinse with cold water, and follow up by washing your hair as you normally would, with shampoo and conditioner.

The fruit acids and vitamins in the pear will brighten and renew your hair, and the protein and fat in the egg will help to soften your hair and reduce frizz. The vanilla adds a fragrance boost, and its aromatic effect is a mood lifter.

This treatment will help to restore the natural oils in your hair and scalp, and make your mane feel absolutely voluminous, shiny, and luscious.


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