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DIY Cinnamon Lip Scrub

DIY Cinnamon Lip Scrub

Valentine’s Day always makes me hopeful. Whether I was in a relationship or not, I always felt that this was a day to be cherished and to show our friends and loved ones how much we cherish them. Of course, if you were lucky enough to be in love on Valentine’s Day, then naturally this is a day made for kissing.

Kissing costs nothing and is super fun. A good kiss can turn an ordinary day into something better. Whether it is a quick kiss, a long, deep kiss, or a full out make out session, kissing is the best. I come out of a good kiss with rosy cheeks, happy lips and a mood to match.

This is why having lips that are ready to move is so critical at all times, but especially on Valentine’s Day, when we really need to be ready for some serious kissing action.

I like to do a lip scrub a couple of times a week, followed by a good lip moisturizer. I find that the exfoliation and stimulation plumps my lips and prepares the surface for a nice gloss of smooth colour.

For this scrub, mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with enough liquid honey to make it sticky, then add ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon. Rub gently but vigorously on your lips, rinse, and follow with a lip butter for moisture.

This lip scrub will invite all sorts of attention from admirers and loved ones, and is guaranteed to make you smile. Cinnamon hearts all around!




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