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Comfrey Hand Lotion

You would think that by the month of March, there would be a bit more moisture in the air, just a little bit more to make our skin a bit more supple, a bit more elastic, a touch more comfortable.  However, I have noticed that right now in particular, my delicate skin is especially dry, itchy and uncomfortable.  At this time of year, I am constantly applying moisturizer to my skin, especially my hands, and it is a challenge to take away the itch brought on by what is left of the dry Canadian winter air.

I am opting to incorporate comfrey into this natural beauty recipe, perhaps because in a subliminal way, comfrey sounds a bit like “comfortable,” which my skin longs to be.  In real terms, comfrey is known to be a quick skin healer and to assist skin cells to regenerate more quickly from damage.

Mango butter as an ingredient is a good choice for soothing dry, itchy, damaged or blemished skin.  As well, it can work to help prevent further damage from happening.  Adding vitamin E will further assist in healing the skin.

Adding beeswax as an ingredient will naturally thicken the mixture, so that the lotion will have a familiar texture, and finally the almond oil will serve as an emollient base.

As this is a natural product, with no preservatives, please be sure to keep it in a cool and dry place, and to use within a couple of weeks, as it will not be shelf stable.  As well, you may need to stir it after it has sat for a little bit.

You will need:

2 tbsp. dried comfrey leaves

2 tbsp. mango butter

½ tsp. vitamin E oil (squeeze from capsules)

½ cup sweet almond oil

½ cup water, boiled, then cooled

1 tsp. beeswax

Glass bowl


Cheesecloth or coffee filter


If you are using whole leaves of comfrey, grind them with a mortar and pestle, or make them into coarse powder with a grinder.  Combine the sweet almond oil and comfrey powder in a glass bowl.  Place on top of a saucepan filled to half with gently boiling water (as if it were a double boiler) and allow the oil to heat to allow the herbs to infuse the oil.   After an hour, turn off the heat, remove the glass bowl, and strain the oil through a cheesecloth or a coffee filter.  Place the infused almond oil into a clean glass bowl, again over a gently boiling saucepan filled halfway with water.  Add the mango butter and beeswax, stirring gently until melted.  Remove from heat and pour the mixture into a blender.  Add the vitamin E oil and let it cool for a few minutes in the fridge, but do not let the mixture harden.  Once it has cooled, set up the blender and whip, slowly adding the water through the opening at the top.  The mixture should become creamy and thicken nicely.  When you are done, transfer the cream into a clean glass container.  Voila!  Handmade comfrey lotion.

Admittedly, this recipe is slightly complicated, and I recommend giving yourself some time in the kitchen.  However, the natural result will be worth it.  Apply generously to thirsty winter skin and enjoy.




Created by Nicole Lachance

Crystal Hills Bella Vita Blogger

Nicole earned her Bachelor of Arts degree (with distinction) from the University of Alberta, with a major in French Language and Literature and a minor in Italian Language. She then continued her education at McGill University, earning her Bachelor of Common Law and Bachelor of Civil Law, where she was selected as class valedictorian. Nicole is a practicing lawyer and writes the Bella Vita Beauty Blog for Crystal Hills Organics. Nicole enjoys being active with her husband and three small children. She also enjoys traveling, playing tennis, ballet, cooking, baking, and experimenting with skin care and makeup. With too little sleep and a very exciting and hectic life as a mother of three young children, Nicole can appreciate the value and importance of implementing a skin care regimen composed of products containing quality ingredients. She also believes in the power of positive energy, and recognizes the benefits of using essential oils and other natural elements to create at-home beauty treatments.



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