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Bianca’s “Ethereal” Fragrance

Bianca’s “Ethereal” Fragrance

Bianca’s “Ethereal” Fragrance

 My friend Bianca is a concert pianist. She is lovely and magical, extremely delicate and light; her beauty and talent seeming almost too perfect for this world. In a word, she is ethereal. The last time that I saw her, she kissed me hello on the cheek and I caught a whiff of the loveliest fragrance. It was light and pretty, and it smelled like spring. Bianca makes her own fragrances, using essential oils, and she gave me the recipe.

 For this fragrance, you will need the following essential oils:

Thyme linalool
Lemon myrtle

Additionally, you will need a carrier oil, such as light avocado oil, light olive oil, grape seed oil, or sweet almond oil. For every 10 drops of carrier oil add 1-3 drops of essential oil, making sure to use more myrrh than the others.

 I added a little something extra to my fragrance vial: a green quartz crystal. The past few months have been emotional for me, and not in a positive way. I am doing everything I can to maintain a positive outlook, and the green quartz crystal is known to amplify your energy, transform negative energy into positive, help clear and heal emotional issues, and bring your whole being back into a state of energetic harmony and wholeness. 

 Myrrh is said to reduce stress, and of course I needed that. The Romans supposedly used thyme linalool essential oil for its properties of imparting bravery and courage, which I also needed. Rosemary essential oil is said to be an excellent brain and nerve tonic, and inhaling it lifts your spirits right away. During the Middle Ages, healers believed that leaves from the laurel tree could keep evil at bay. The lemon myrtle and lemon essential oils are added for their fresh and uplifting fragrance. 

 For the past week, I have been wearing this fragrance, rubbing it on my pulse points. The power of positive thinking and healing crystal vibrations goes a long way. I have noticed that I feel lighter, I am smiling more, and attracting more positive energy. I believe that when we feel beautiful on the inside, when we are happier and more at peace with ourselves, we attract more happiness in the world around us. This fragrance is evocative of the fresh start of spring, a fresh outlook, and heavenly new beginnings. 

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