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DIY Ginger Honey Sugar Scrub

DIY Ginger Honey Scrub

Happy New Year everybody!

Who among us can truly say that they stuck to clean eating throughout the holiday season?  I did not, and the evidence of this is plain on my skin, most noticeably on my thighs and butt, and the time has come to get back to the business of eating well, exercising properly, and re-devoting ourselves to a proper skin care regimen.

While body scrubs will not eliminate cellulite, the vigorous massage of the area, and the sloughing off of dead skin cells, will stimulate circulation, reinvigorate your body and skin, and help your moisturizer absorb.  All of this in combination will improve the look and tone of the skin on your body, and the aroma will stimulate your senses in the most pleasurable way.

To make this scrub, you will need:

2-6 drops dried root ginger essential oil or 1 teaspoon ginger spice
¾ cup raw sugar
½ cup liquid honey

Combine these ingredients in a bowl, massage vigorously into your skin, everywhere from the waist down, above the waist, your back, shoulders, everywhere on your body.  My personal focus is my thighs, but this scrub is for everywhere, and your body will love you for it.  You could make a double batch and apply it mutually with your partner, and then shower it off.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, and the scent is lively and warm.  The honey acts as a natural humectant, and as such will help to draw moisture into the skin.  As well, it has plenty of antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients that cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Try this and see.  Trust me, you will emerge delicious!

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