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Stylecaster asks for expert commentary from Andrea Barone from Crystal Hills Organics.

Your Everything Guide to Gem-Infused Water

“Chakras 101
Gemstones are often used in crystal therapy, but outside of the beauty benefits (more on this later), their base purpose is to help keep your chakras balanced. According to Barone, these are considered to be the “energy centers” along the spine that are located at major branching points for the human nervous system, including the forehead, heart and stomach.

“When our chakras are balanced and functioning properly, they spin and allow energy to flow throughout our bodies. A healer may say that your chakras are unbalanced or they need to be realigned if they are sensing that they are blocked, imbalanced or underactive,” she says. Beyond the more spiritual connection, many experts believe that gemstones also harness the ability to improve our body’s inner and outer systems, hence the growing popularity of placing them in the water we drink.

Are There Beauty Benefits?

“Amethyst is believed to help purify and detoxify skin—it is the energy from the crystal interacting with human cells that undergoes a change,” she says. Barone agrees that the wellness benefits of gemstones include experiencing and maintaining harmony, vitality and optimum health in the body. And while there is no current scientific research being conducted that she’s aware of, “there is a lot of historical documentation to show that crystals have been used for thousands of years which does seem to indicate their effectiveness.”

“For instance, many people may think of a quartz crystal as something that powers computers, radios and watches with its electromagnetic and piezoelectric properties. Now consider how this crystal may help the human body as it amplifies energy and balances the body,” she says. “Incorporating this type of crystal into your daily routine can positively adjust your vibrational field, thus affecting your physical body.”

Another popular option, rose quartz, is said to lift our vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love. And Barone says it is also known for stimulating circulation, softening the skin and bestowing a healthy pink glow to the skin.” ~ StyleCaster


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Stylecaster asks for expert commentary from Andrea Barone from Crystal Hills Organics

Andrea S. Barone

Andrea S. Barone

Based in the serene Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, my passion lies in promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that synergizes with the natural world. With a foundational background in Biological Sciences and Occupational Health and Safety, my curiosity and dedication to holistic well-being steered me toward becoming a Chartered Herbalist. Driven by the ancient wisdom of herbs and their profound potential to heal, I ventured further into the realm of Organic Skincare Formulation. As the CEO and founder of Crystal Hills Organics, I craft luxurious skincare products that not only pamper and rejuvenate the skin but are also rooted in the science of nature, embodying our commitment to empowering health and beauty through nature’s healing.

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