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Love Spell

What fun would it be as an herbalist if I couldn’t research all the magical properties of botanicals and plants? To me, botanicals and crystals are like treasures – little gifts from God to help us along the way. They can help lift up our vibration to that of pure love when we need a little boost or help us set our intention so we can create the reality we want. To create this Love Spell, we will be using botanicals and a carrier oil, as well as rose quartz and essential oils if you so choose.


Botanicals in our Love Spell:

Use a ½ teaspoon of each botanical and any amount of the vanilla that comes out of the pod (the amount may vary depending on your pod). Feel free to substitute from the list of other herbs if you have something else readily available.

Chamomile: helps to increase confidence while attracting love and beauty.

Hibiscus: helps to open your heart to love while you simultaneously relax and let go of your fears.

Rose: a symbol for love, beauty and passion that helps to attract love and affection.

Peppermint: is associated with beauty and vitality and helps to attract love.

Vanilla bean: is known to inspire sensuality and lower inhibitions.

*Other herbs that are known to attract love are orris root, lemon balm, chickweed, valerian root, ginseng, mallow, lovage, thyme, ginger, coriander, vervain, cardamom seed, dandelion, pansy, lilac, geranium, and several others. Ginger and chickweed are also said to make your magic more effective.


Carrier Oil:

Use a ½ cup of a carrier oil. Here are three options to choose from, depending on what you have access to:

Apricot: associated with love and helps to bring lovers together or can help to support relationships while offering a renewal or fresh start.

Avocado: often used in blends that involve love, happiness and passion.

Olive Oil: associated with love, passion, lust and marriage.


Add ons:

You may also add a rose quartz crystal to increase the vibration of your magical love potion. For a scented Love Potion, add up to 40 drops of an essential oil. Recommended ones to choose from would be bergamot, cardamom, chamomile, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, lavender, neroli, orange, palmarosa, peppermint, rose, vanilla, vetiver, or ylang ylang.



Now a Love Spell wouldn’t be complete without an enchantment. For this I called upon Allyson Giles, a spiritual intuitive healer and writer. She is the owner of Awaken Enchantment and the author of the Faye book series and oracle cards. Allyson works closely with the elemental realm, channelling nature spirits. She is very passionate about the healing arts and helping people find authenticity and purpose.

So what is an enchantment?

An enchantment is an incantation and ritual that helps you manifest your magic with the help of your elemental guides.


Love Spell Enchantment

“As the herbs and oils mix, true love sticks.

As nature’s gifts combine, true love I find.

Guided from above, our souls connect in love.

The beauty in this mix, upon my heart does fix.

My energy breathes it in, as true love does begin.

I give thanks, and so may it be.”



Measure your carrier oil of choice and gather all your botanicals. You can measure out a ½ teaspoon of each and keep them all separate until you mix them in the final stage when you recite your enchantment     . Begin adding the botanicals to your container or bottle of choice, then add your carrier oil as you recite the Enchantment. It is okay if you are still adding the ingredients after you have completed saying the enchantment . . . it is your intention that counts.

Now you can use this enchanted mixture as a love potion to encourage the opening of the heart, to bring love into your life, or promote self-love. It can attract love, enhance sensuality, and improve your love life. It can be used as a body oil, added to bath water, used in an oil burner, or even to anoint a candle. Let love surround you during this month of romance.


Crystal Hills Love Potion


Andrea S. Barone

Andrea S. Barone

Andrea lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and is very passionate about promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that incorporates the healing powers of nature. With a background in Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Biological Sciences, she went on to become a Chartered Herbalist and Reiki Master healer and then studied Organic Skincare Formulation. She creates luxurious and highly effective skincare products that we can all benefit from, by synergistically combining the active constituents of botanicals with the healing energetic traits of crystals. It is her mission to share these life-changing tools so you can move forward with ease and manifest more. More love. More strength. More abundance.

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