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Instyle Features Crystal Hills Organics

“Turns Out, Reiki May Actually Have Some Anti-Aging Benefits
The ancient Eastern practice is therapeutic in more ways than you may think. We all love a self-care moment, and it seems as if people are increasingly turning to Eastern healing traditions and practices for their wellbeing and skincare, which is probably why this part of the world has been getting more in touch with Reiki.

While it’s reportedly effective when it comes to healing the spirit, turns out Reiki can give your skin a healthy glow — and even offer some anti-aging benefits. And as a Reiki practitioner and spiritual healer of 13 years, I’m going to tell you all about it . . . And if you don’t have time to take your favorite products to your Reiki healer, some products already have it in them, such as the ones from Crystal Hills Organics.” ~ InStyle Magazine

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InStyle features Crystal Hills Organics

Andrea S. Barone

Based in the serene Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, my passion lies in promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that synergizes with the natural world. With a foundational background in Biological Sciences and Occupational Health and Safety, my curiosity and dedication to holistic well-being steered me toward becoming a Chartered Herbalist. Driven by the ancient wisdom of herbs and their profound potential to heal, I ventured further into the realm of Organic Skincare Formulation. As the CEO and founder of Crystal Hills Organics, I craft luxurious skincare products that not only pamper and rejuvenate the skin but are also rooted in the science of nature, embodying our commitment to empowering health and beauty through nature’s healing.

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