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Fresh Magazine interviews Andrea Barone with Crystal Hills Organics

“Andrea S. Barone is the founder of Crystal Hills Organics and has been referred to as a master mixologist and the queen of crystals. She is a chartered herbalist and reiki master healer plus has an educational background in organic skincare formulation, biological sciences and occupational health and safety. Andrea is very passionate about helping others manifest their best life.

If you could give your past self some advice, what would you tell yourself?
To keep envisioning your dreams and take selfcare moments to honour yourself as everything is going to work out just wonderfully.

In the months leading up to officially launching my company about 7 years ago, my husband at the time told me he was putting our house up for sale and walked out of our lives. It was a very stressful time. I was consumed by fear and anxiety every minute of the day and would have panic attacks where my heart would beat out of control. Although I could put on a happy face for my children and others, feeling positive was another story. I was worried about the future, finances, how my kids were feeling, where we would live after the house sold, and where I would move my business and farm. Fast forward a few years ahead, I was able to emerge from the deepest depths of despair and regain my sense of confidence, happiness, health and let love flow back into my life.” ~ Fresh Magazine

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Fresh Magazine interviews Andrea Barone with Crystal Hills Organics

Andrea S. Barone

Based in the serene Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, my passion lies in promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that synergizes with the natural world. With a foundational background in Biological Sciences and Occupational Health and Safety, my curiosity and dedication to holistic well-being steered me toward becoming a Chartered Herbalist. Driven by the ancient wisdom of herbs and their profound potential to heal, I ventured further into the realm of Organic Skincare Formulation. As the CEO and founder of Crystal Hills Organics, I craft luxurious skincare products that not only pamper and rejuvenate the skin but are also rooted in the science of nature, embodying our commitment to empowering health and beauty through nature’s healing.

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