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FALL ritual to propel you forward into fall by tuning into the 4 elements within you.

Autumn is the time between the expansion and activity of summer and the slowing down and the contraction and hibernation of winter. Once again, we acknowledge a moment of balance when the northern and southern hemispheres receive the same amount of sunlight and the days and nights are the same length.

Its a sacred time to look at our blessings (no matter how challenging this year has been so far) and call in the resources we’ll require in the new season using ritual.

1. Take out a journal, and pen.

2. The beginning of every season is an opportunity to clean out your old altars and create new ones. Create an altar for each element with some of the following suggested crystals, scents, and objects:

Earth (body, physical resources)

* What do you need to complete?
* What needs healing in the body?
* What support do you require to move forward?
* Emerald
* Pine
* Cedar
* Honeysuckle
* Salt
* Bread
* Grains

Water (intuition, cycles)

* How can you deepen your intuitive knowing?
* Are you taking time to reflect and quiet your mind?
* How are you managing your time?
* Moonstone
* Obsidian
* Amethyst
* Opal
* Sandalwood
* Chamomile
* Jasmine
* Rose
* Ylang-ylang
•Glass or bowl of water,or juice

Air (new beginnings, communication)

* How are you bringing joy and play into your life?
* Are you willing to be open to the new?
* Do you need to express yourself more powerfully?
* Citrine
* Amber
* Topaz
* Basil
* Bergamot
* Mint
* Dill
* Feathers
* Seeds

Fire (relationships, passion)

* Are your relationships making you happy?
* What is your relationship to self-love?
* How are you with setting boundaries?
* Frankincense
* Black pepper
* Ginger
* Clove
* Ruby carnelian
* Bloodstone garnet
* Peppers
* Spices
* Mangoes

3. Element by element, light a candle, breathe in one of the suggested essential oil scents, and then place a few drops of them on your crystals. Place your objects on the altars for an  offering. Grab your journal and answer that season’s questions.

4. To complete the ritual, eat a piece of bread or something grounding like almonds or walnuts. Drink some water. Clap your hands three times and say, “[Your name], I love you, and I open myself to receive the love, guidance,healing of the Universe.”

5. Place the crystals in a bowl or bag and keep on your altar to represent the new energy you have called in. Blow out the candles.

Take action on any guidance you received. Note what you can change yourself and what you may need help with as we wade into autumn yet again.

Written by: Kristen Kuzyk
Bio: Kristen is a Holy Fire Master who offers Soul Activation Healing Sessions and Reiki courses. You can find her at:

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