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The Crystal of the Season: Selenite

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The holiday season is a time of magic, hope, peace, and cheerfulness. What crystal could be better suited than selenite to be declared “The Crystal of the Season”.

Selenite comes from the Greek word selēnitēs, meaning “stone of the moon”, and because of its lunar-like radiance is associated with Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon. Selenite helps to create a peaceful and enlightened state as it acts like a link between the heavens and matter. It is like light in a crystal formation that helps to lift one’s spirit.

This beautiful, luminous crystal has often been referred to as the gateway to angels. Many find they are able to access angelic guidance or a higher state of consciousness when meditating, praying, or just sitting in a quiet state while holding it. Selenite is a crystal that exists at one of the highest frequency vibrations in the mineral kingdom and it’s not uncommon for people to feel the energy as they hold it. Some may feel a warm or tingly sensation, while others say it feels like a wave of calming and tranquil energy washing over them.

This high vibration crystal cleanses and purifies the auric field while clearing congested energies or negativity from one’s energetic field. It helps to bring about a rapid shift of energy and replace the negative or emotional turmoil in one’s being with a feeling of pure “light” energy. Selenite helps the body and mind to relax, allowing for clarity of mind, contentment, and a deep sense of peace to emerge.

Selenite can be found in the Crystal Moon Goddess Collection and as a Crystal Heart. Selenite as the Crystal of the Season was also featured in the winter edition of Mint Magazine.



Mint magazine Crystal Hills Organics, by Andrea Sazwan





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