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In this article, I am going to teach you how to feel better by using your mind, tools, and the New Moon to get rid of negative energy that’s represented in undesirable experiences or situations you’re dealing with.

All of us experience negative energy in the guise of problems, breakups, sickness, and more. When this happens it can feel overwhelming and hard to overcome. It can also feel draining and depressing. If you are finding this article and feeling like this is happening to you, I would like to assist you by showing you how you can use the elements of this Universe, your spirit, and your actions to recycle negative energy and lighten up your energetic body with the peak of the New Moon.

The peak of the new moon is a powerful time to send away and clear away energy presented as situations or experiences that bother us and hold us down. This is not to be confused with the waxing phase, which begins after the New Moon has peaked. A lot of people have understandably confused this timing and have started to use the peak of the New Moon to start bringing things into their lives, without realizing, they are actually counterproductive in their manifesting attempts. I’m here to help clarify and to help you utilize this powerful force that occurs on a New Moon peak.

I want you to imagine the New Moon as a black hole or vacuum at its most powerful suction of force. This energetic force, like a black hole, begins its suction phase during the waning process which occurs after the Full Moon has peaked and starts its descend back into the dark abyss of its contrasted self. Once the New Moon has peaked, it begins to expand out of itself and starts to push outward, causing the light of the sun to reflect back onto the Earth. This is the waxing phase. The sun energy is what creates life and this energy is what we are able to manifest with. When the waxing phase occurs, this energy gets stronger allowing us to feel the sun energy 24/7 as it is reflected back to us with the mirror moon throughout the night. Once the waning phase begins, the sun energy is no longer starting to reflect back on us because the energy has switched its flow and is now moving away from us. Another visual that helps to understand is a pregnant woman’s full belly represented by the full moon. Once her full belly has peaked, labor hits, and it’s time for the baby to come out/wane itself through the suction of the vagina into the world to start the waxing/waning ebb and flow of its entire human life!

This is why the tides move. Movement is essential. Stagnancy is not how this Earth world works. There will always be contrasts. There will always be a push and a pull. However, we can learn how to maneuver these contrasts with the knowledge of them, connecting to them, and working with them to our benefit.

The peak of the New Moon is when the strongest force of the “pull away” occurs which is why it’s an excellent time to draw things away from you. Please wait until the following day… the official day of the waxing period before beginning to manifest to bring things to your life.

Also, I want you to remember that we are made of these elements. We are made of the star that is our sun. We are made of the water that moves in the tides, and we are also the tides. If you connect your consciousness to nature’s consciousness, back to the roots of what your earth vessel is made of, you will understand it even more because you will be dialed into the way things work here. That is when you will understand the ecosystem from within you.

Now that I have explained this a little more for you. I want to teach you what you can do to work with the peak of the New Moon to help you recycle and release negative energy that is not serving you well.


New Moon Ritual for Releasing Negativity


Item List:
Solid Black Candle — This will be used to anoint with oil and your thoughts. It will represent the process of recycling by means of fire as rebirth and the black to match the dark moon and black hole. Once lit this needs to remain lit until it burns completely down so consider size as a factor. If you need to get rid of A LOT of negative energy, consider a 7-day burning candle that comes in a longer glass container. You want to burn this 7 days before the peak of the new moon and not after the new moon.

Black Tourmaline — This is a protection stone and wards off negativity. It’s powerful and great at expelling unworthy energy that holds you back.

Clear Quartz Crystal- I teach all of my students to carry light with them at ALL times. Even when working to pull negative energy away, keep yourself near a quartz crystal to help you remain pure and connected to your highest divine self and divine home where you really come from. You are a spirit inhabiting this body/this dimension. You are just visiting. These rules don’t apply to home. So carry a piece of home with you wherever you go and with whatever you do.

Paper & Pen — To write down thoughts/symbols pertaining to what you are releasing (this isn’t necessary but is helpful for people who need help visualizing and organizing their thoughts.

Sage/Any Protective Essential Oil — Use this to anoint your candle (and paper if used). You can use sage to smudge yourself during the entire process to keep yourself clear and purified.

I want you to meditate and call upon your guides/guardian angels/spirit guides/religion of choice. In this meditation I want you to ask it/them to protect you and surround you with white, golden light. I want you to feel the sun start to grow within your heart and solar plexus. I want you to start thinking about all of the experiences going on in your life that are negative and causing issues for you. At this point, pick up the black candle (and if choosing to use paper, write them down) and imagine all of those experiences and negative energy — even just feelings of heaviness you’re experiencing going into the candle (paper). I want you to feel whatever it is you feel and if it makes you cry I want you to cry. I want you to release freely and openly. *If you’re doing this with a group, let it be known beforehand that everyone should feel comfortable to do whatever they need to do. Some people may cry or show anger or fall apart. That is okay. It’s so important not to hold back.

Once you feel you have sent a lot of this energy into the candle/paper, I want you to say this mantra. This mantra covers ALL areas of negativity (even people who cause negativity in your life or send negativity your way):

Universe/Religion of Choice/Archangel of Choice:
I call upon you to raise my vibration
So that I no longer resonate with the frequency
Of that in which holds me down/makes me sad/makes me angry/holds me back
I am ready to release what does not serve me well
So that I can evolve to the next phase
Of my human experience
I ask that you are heavily protecting me now
As I call out the negative energy
So that it cannot linger and it must leave me for good
No matter where it came from
Thank you for your love and your presence
Please guide me into the new light-filled space as I say the next words:

<Pause for a moment then proceed>

Oh negative energy
I release you into the Divine
I release you into the Air
I release you into the Cosmos
You can now be recycled
You can now grow flowers
You will become something beautiful
The lesson is learned
The trial is over
And now I am free
I am light
I am love
So it is

* * *
Written by: Kari Tribble
Kari Tribble
Kari Tribble is the founder of Avari Beauty, an Intuitive Advisor and Empath. She dedicates her life to enriching the beauty and life of others through services, high-quality beauty products, spiritual guidance, and writings.


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