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Holiday Decorating

The holiday season is upon us. The stores are full of all things Christmas. It can be overwhelming, so I thought I’d let you in on a few of my favourite things in holiday decor.

Lit Birch Trees

I am a sucker for the lit birch trees by Restoration Hardware. Other brands offer similar trees in different price ranges. These are a holiday staple for me. I use them inside and out and I think they look best when they are done in groupings. I like to nestle bunches of poinsettias at their base. It is such an elegant touch.

White Lights

I like crisp and clean – white lights always work. The coloured ones just don’t do it for me. I also like simple, regular lights – not dripping icicle lights. They look nice at night but not in the daytime. I also like to see the lights on the whole roofline. They have to be straight or they drive me crazy. Yes I know – my poor husband. We now hire someone to put them up. Saves on the holiday bickering.

Natural Elements

Even though my personal esthetic lends to the modern side, I love to have some natural elements mixed in. Pine cones, cedar bows, and driftwood reindeer all make an appearance in my holiday displays. I think it brings a sense of balance to the traditional red and green Christmas decor.


Metals add that touch of glamour. I am partial to gold right now, even though I spent so many years avoiding it. I love the warmth of gold and now can take my time enjoying it. I like to see it on my Christmas tree in specialty ornaments or even the garland. I also look for great stocking hooks and table centerpieces. Don’t add too much or it can come off looking a bit Las Vegas.

Natural Wreaths

I know it’s a splurge, but nothing takes the place of a natural wreath (this from a woman who uses an artificial tree – I hate the upkeep!). Your local nursery or florist would be your source for them, or even try a DIY!! I like to see a little green when the snow is everywhere. It just feels festive. And this year, we’re really loving the unconventional wreath!


This truly is, the poinsettias are the only plants I can keep alive. And I love the brilliant red ones. I wish they could be popular all year long. I’m going to work on that! They are my go to for table centerpieces or shelving beside a fireplace. We spent Christmas in Florida one year and Disneyworld had these amazing poinsettia displays everywhere. I have not figured out how to accomplish that in the cold Canadian winter. I’ll work on that too!

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