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Blessings on this Full Libra Moon.

Mother moon is really illuminating what has not been in alignment or balanced with who we are and who we want to be. What needs to be tended to? Felt? And Expressed in your unique way? She is assisting us to bring us back to into balance, to sacred alignment, to live in peace which is our birth right.

We have the Sun, Chiron and Venus conjunct at 8 Aries opposite the Full Moon in Libra bringing in Fire and air energy to support us and transmute that which is holding us back from truly experiencing our true self. With Chiron being a wounded healer helps us remember we have all the healing elixirs within, and we can and will heal. We are all healers.

The energy that is up is relational. Look at your relationship with self and with others but also take a more expansive view with your relationship to the earth, the stars, the elements, to all beings whether we intimately know them our not, to the universe, to our younger selves, etc. All are interconnected in this amazing web of life that we are in relationship with. Again this moon is about balance living in sacred reciprocity with all of life. A sensual dance of giving and receiving. What are you giving? And what are your receiving?


Light a candle and set the intention to get to know self, what is out of balance and needs to become back into alignment.

Take a moment a place left hand on your heart and right hand on your solar plexus.

As you breathe in from your solar plexus all the way up to your heart chakra and then down again, visualize a figure eight connecting them with balance. Do this for at least 10-15 min. Know that there isn’t anything you need to do. Just be with your breath, be with your body.

You’ve set your intention and are using the energies of this conjunction to assist you, and allow the breath to draw yourself deeper into yourself. Deeper into peace and receptivity.

Listen to your heart, and allow that love to fill your solar plexus with motivation to carry out what has been brought forth with compassion. Have a journal close to integrate.

*Another quick note; the elements of fire and air are strong right now. Offer what wants to be transmuted into the holy fire and listen to the teachings of air: all though you cannot see “air”, you can see the reminisce of the air moving by how the smoke dances the subtle twists and turns.

Allow this alchemical blend create unity with you.


With love and reverence,




Created by: Kristen Kuzyk
Align Thru Love

Align thru Love


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