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THE luxurious, deep green colour of the emerald has attracted many over the ages. Records dating back to as early as 4000 BC indicate that the emerald was valued and sought after. The first known emerald mines were in Egypt, as Cleopatra had a fondness for this gemstone. There are many tales that incorporate the emerald: Cleopatra seeking eternal youth and beauty; European alchemists and the sacred “emerald tablet”; the emerald being one of the four precious stones given by God to King Solomon; and the Bavarian poem where the holy grail is described as a magical and luminous stone that had fallen to Earth during a struggle in heaven. Even the Greek philosopher Aristotle included the emerald in his writings, speaking to the characteristics that it could bring forth in men.

EMERALD is a great harmonizing stone for the body and soul as it most purely vibrates at the frequency of an activated heart chakra, or an open heart. This helps to instill calmness, serenity, unconditional love, and balance. When one allows for the flow of pure love into the heart space, it simultaneously allows for the flow and acceptance of abundance into one’s life. This crystal is a wonderful tool to use when meditating, manifesting abundance into your life as it helps to remove the thoughts and feelings of unworthiness. The emerald helps to deepen higher consciousness and spirituality, helping one to realize that unconditional love and prosperity, in all areas of one’s life, is accessible for everyone. The word “abundance” does not only pertain to currency, but is all encompassing for every area of your life including love, peace of mind, perfect health, a sense of wellbeing, happiness, and a zest for life.

MANY healers use the emerald as an all-purpose healing stone as it not only helps the client remove blocks and create physical, emotional, and mental balance in the body, but it helps the healer to focus their intention and expand their deep inner wisdom. Emerald has been known to soothe and comfort the eyes by placing an emerald on top of the eyelids or a compress that has been saturated with a crystal elixir.

THROUGH the years, people have used emeralds to impart a higher level of eloquence during speeches, increase knowledge and persuasiveness during litigation and debates, as well as increase intuition. This brilliant green crystal is also said to strengthen the memory, promote truth, and encourage cooperation and compassion.


Emerald is found in our Crystal Harmony Collection.

Andrea S. Barone

Andrea S. Barone

Andrea lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and is very passionate about promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that incorporates the healing powers of nature. With a background in Occupational Health and Safety, as well as Biological Sciences, she went on to become a Chartered Herbalist and Reiki Master healer and then studied Organic Skincare Formulation. She creates luxurious and highly effective skincare products that we can all benefit from, by synergistically combining the active constituents of botanicals with the healing energetic traits of crystals. It is her mission to share these life-changing tools so you can move forward with ease and manifest more. More love. More strength. More abundance.

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