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Lily James at Emmys with Crystal Hills Organics, Crystal Dreams

One of a kind experience.

Emmy Nominees, Presenters, and Special Guests received Crystal Dreams Bath Salts in their Official Emmy Gift Bags in the Giving Suite by Backstage Creations and we couldn’t be more pleased to be a part of this amazing awards ceremony.

Behind the scenes at the 74th Emmy Awards.

For those who want to feel like a celebrity and indulge in crystals, the Crystal Dreams Bath Salts are the perfect mix. Manifest more peace and calm as you drop a scoop into your tub to experience your own luxury spa in the comfort of your home.

While indulging in your bath with Crystal Dreams…

While indulging in your bath with Crystal Dreams, try saying these affirmations aloud or to yourself to set your intentions:

I am calm.

I am at peace.

I am focused.

I am relaxed.

I am easily able to attract my dreams.

Andrea S. Barone

Based in the serene Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, my passion lies in promoting a health-conscious lifestyle that synergizes with the natural world. With a foundational background in Biological Sciences and Occupational Health and Safety, my curiosity and dedication to holistic well-being steered me toward becoming a Chartered Herbalist. Driven by the ancient wisdom of herbs and their profound potential to heal, I ventured further into the realm of Organic Skincare Formulation. As the CEO and founder of Crystal Hills Organics, I craft luxurious skincare products that not only pamper and rejuvenate the skin but are also rooted in the science of nature, embodying our commitment to empowering health and beauty through nature’s healing.

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