amethyst crystals

The beauty of this violet coloured gemstone may enchant us when one considers the significance of amethyst through the ages and cultures. Historically, amethyst was once considered of equal worth to the emerald, diamond or ruby. The ancient Greeks carved wine goblets out of amethyst to keep a clear head while drinking. In the middle ages it was worn by royalty and nobility to signify power, and adorned crowns, rings, and sceptres. Amethyst is referenced in the bible and is considered one of the precious stones in the breastplate of the high priest, while Tibetan monks used mediation malas (prayer beads) made out of amethyst, as it is considered a sacred stone. These days, it is more commonly known as the birthstone of February.

Amethyst is a purple type of quartz that is primarily found in hues of light violet to deep purple. It is a highly protective crystal that creates an energetic bubble or cocoon of white light around the person to shield or repel negative energies and influences.

This crystal is known for helping induce calm while improving concentration and clarity. Holding an amethyst crystal can also reduce a nervous headache, as it can relax the mind. In the evening, keeping an amethyst crystal near your bed or under your pillow promotes a restful night’s sleep, as it quiets an overactive mind. These crystals are also known to help you remember your dreams and safeguard you from recurring nightmares.

Since amethyst has a high vibration rate, it is very useful to hold or have one near you when meditating or praying. It also expands your intuition, and can help to provide insight on any imbalances or negative emotional patterns and assists in identifying the root causes. This beautiful crystal helps to still the inner chatter of your mind and move you into a higher state of consciousness, assisting you with communication to the divine as well as your guides and angels. Working with amethyst can increase your spiritual wisdom and support a love of the divine and yourself.



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