Crystal Love Collection


Connect with self-love, romance, hope, sensuality, happiness and to that of pure love. This special combination of rose quartz heart, rhodonite, strawberry quartz and clear quartz unite to lift up your vibration to the pure energy of unconditional love; to help you accept it, offer it and open yourself up to it.

Set your intentions with this special Crystal Love Collection to fill up with the feeling of love, making it easier to offer love and simultaneously attracting it back. Feel the love.

All crystals sold by Crystal Hills have been cleansed and charged with a tuning fork (4096) by a certified Reiki practitioner. We source our crystals from mines with sound ethical and environmental practices.

Intention Setting Ritual: “I am loveable”, “I am worthy of love”, “I am beautiful”, “I am rejuvenated”, “I am pure love”.

*Due to the nature of semi-precious crystals, please expect some variation with the size and colour.