Amore Necklace


Amore Gold Filled Paper Clip Minimalist Necklace.

Feel the love with these little enchanted hearts in this simple but elegant necklace. Transitions beautifully from day to night. Length is 16 inches with a 2 inch extender.

Here’s our golden rule of jewelry care: “Last On, First Off.” To keep your jewelry shiny and beautiful, put items on after doing your bath treatments, after the post bath body and hair treatments, after the make up and hair sessions and remove before working out, dips in the pool, lounge sessions in hot tubs and going for a splash in the ocean. If your jewelry needs some TLC, add a drop of Dawn dish soap to warm water and gently wash and wipe with a soft towel. Store away from other jewelry to prevent tangles and scratches. Do not use jewelry polishing cloths or solutions.

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