Don't Let Fear Stop You

You know you need a major life change when:

  • You feel stuck, or like something is holding you back from moving forward.
  • You don’t feel like yourself anymore.
  • You feel like something is missing in your daily life, making it hard to live in the present.

How do you start to become unstuck? What are some of the tools you can use to manifest what you want?

Hello, my name is Andrea, the founder of Crystal Hills. I’m delighted you’ve found your way to this page. I wish to support you in your pursuit of change by providing intentional beauty tools for manifesting success in all areas of your life.

The first step is to align yourself with the right vibrations. We are all connected through our energy fields. When we are aligned with love, joy, peace, abundance, and harmony, everything else falls into place.

The Self-Care Kits, Guides, and Journals from Crystal Hills are just what you need to lift your vibration, begin a transition you’ve been putting off, or end something that isn’t doing you any good in your life.

I believe that everyone can manifest anything in their life. But I know it takes more than just having the right mindset or being positive. You must be proactive.

My Manifestation Tools contain everything you need to begin manifesting the changes you want. Choose from:

  • Manifest More Kits. These kits contain a mini serum, bath salts, a crystal, an intention sheet and affirmations.
  • Crystal Love Ritual Kit. This kit contains crystals, sage, a mini bag of bath salts, and other items to help cleanse your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Guides & Journals. Designed to help you clear out old energies and raise your vibration, my guides are easy to follow and implement.