Transformative Self-Care Ritual Kits

To help you move forward in life with clarity and ease.

You want to celebrate this moment in a way that has meaning and power to you. Brilliant, beautiful and confident – you are ready to shed the old and connect with the new in this next step in your life-journey. Crystal Hills’ Self-Care Ritual Kits are the perfect way to usher in a new chapter, bring forward a transition you’ve been resisting, or close a door on a part of your life that is not serving you.

I’m Andrea, the founder of Crystal Hills. I believe in embracing the Goddess within each of us. I know how difficult it can feel to face a life transition. Sorting through my divorce and preparing to start anew, I needed a simple self-care ritual to bring the next chapter into my life with abundance and love. Your transformation should be celebrated.

The Crystal Love, Crystal Harmony, and New Moon Self-Care Ritual Kits will help you embrace your transformation and move forward in life with more clarity and ease.

When you are ready to step into your power, to own your next chapter – I want to help you make a declaration to bring love, strength, confidence, and harmony into your life.