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Crystal Harmony Bracelet with Accent Crystals

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Green Aventurine: is able to amplify energy, adjust your vibrational field, and transform negative energies into positive ones. Green quartz helps to activate the heart chakra to help clear and heal emotional issues associated with the heart. This beautiful green gemstone is able to bring your entire being into a state of energetic harmony and wholeness. This crystal is also known for being the stone of opportunity and helps to manifest prosperity and abundance.

Serpentine: beneficial to promote healing on all levels dependent on what is best for each person. It helps to clear any blocked or stagnant energy and is a worthy crystal to use during meditation. Serpentine can be used to attract and manifest abundance into your life on every level; love, prosperity, physical health, happiness, etc.

Crystal Quartz: highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers through the ages as one of the world’s most powerful healing crystals. Quartz amplifies energy and harmonizes all of the body’s chakras, resulting in a more balanced energy. These beautiful clear crystals adjust your vibrational field, transmuting any negative energies into positive ones.

Moss Agate: emits a peaceful energy that encourages understanding, balance, patience, hope, communication and self-expression. It helps to develop courage and strength, helping to release fear and self-limiting patterns or beliefs. Moss agate is a very grounding crystal and has the reputation for being a highly protective stone.


All crystal jewellery is cleansed and charged with a tuning fork (4096) as well as by a certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki energy is able to increase natural crystal energy.

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