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Wine Ice Cube Facial

Wine Ice Cubes

Our summers in North America are lovely and warm, and it can feel so good to cool off by rubbing an ice cube across your face and neck. The cooling sensation is instant and intense, and the feeling gives your skin an instant tightening and radiant effect. Now imagine adding an antioxidant benefit to this regimen. This summer, try making wine ice cubes to rub on your face and neck. You can use red, white or rosé. The effect and beauty benefits are most concentrated with red wine, but it is important to use what you like best. All wines, and most specifically organic red wines, contain antioxidants such as flavonoid, resveratrol, and tannins that deliver skin renewing benefits. These ingredients help to fight free radicals…

Bianca’s “Ethereal” Fragrance

Bianca’s “Ethereal” Fragrance  My friend Bianca is a concert pianist. She is lovely and magical, extremely delicate and light; her beauty and talent seeming almost too perfect for this world. In a word, she is ethereal. The last time that I saw her, she kissed me hello on the cheek and I caught a whiff of the loveliest fragrance. It was light and pretty, and it smelled like spring. Bianca makes her own fragrances, using essential oils, and she gave me the recipe.  For this fragrance, you will need the following essential oils: Myrrh Thyme linalool Rosemary Laurel Lemon myrtle Lemon.  Additionally, you will need a carrier oil, such as light avocado oil, light olive oil, grape seed oil, or sweet almond oil. For every 10 drops of carrier…

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub   I love taking a time out for myself and getting a pedicure, with the lovely soaking, the massaging, the scrubbing. However, the busy life of a working mom often gets in the way of such indulgences. When I have some free time, I can recreate the feeling at home by making a DIY sugar scrub that does wonders for invigorating my tired legs and feet.   For this scrub, you will need: ½ cup white granulated sugar ¼ cup coconut oil 1 tsp grapeseed oil Grated lemon zest Lemon essential oil   In a microwave safe bowl, gently melt the coconut oil. Combine it with the sugar, and add the grapeseed oil. Blend in the lemon zest, and add 5-10 drops of lemon essential…

Honey and Olive Oil Conditioning Treatment

Silky Hair DIY Treatment

Honey and Olive Oil Conditioning Treatment  The dry winter weather can suck the life out of anybody’s hair. Every couple of weeks, I like to apply a nourishing, moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. For me, it makes a difference. This one is easy and effective.  For this hair treatment, you will need: ½ cup organic liquid honey ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil  ½ teaspoon of vanilla (if you want an aromatic boost)  Whisk the ingredients together until blended, apply to dry hair, wrap your hair in a towel or a shower cap, and let it soak in for 10-15 minutes. After that, shampoo and condition as usual. You will likely need to do two shampoos.  The honey in this treatment acts as a natural humectant, providing soothing moisture and…

Oil Pulling for Oral Health

white teeth from oil pulling

Oil Pulling for Oral Health  A great smile is so important. When you smile from the inside out, other people can feel it, you can feel it, and smiling just lifts you up and reminds you to be happy. While I do love my smile, I would love it even more if my teeth were just a little bit whiter and brighter. However, I am not prepared to use oral bleaching products, as I am not comfortable with adding that amount of toxicity directly into my body. This is where oil pulling comes in: some celebrities talk about using oil pulling as a means of decreasing the amount of bad bacteria in their mouth, while also having the benefit of safely and naturally whitened teeth. Although recently mentioned in beauty circles,…

Lemon Avocado Facial Mask

Lemon Avocado Facial Mask

Lemon Avocado Facial Mask  Mid-winter, my face tends to get a little bit pale and I feel that I need to give my skin a pick-me-up. This is a great time to use the avocado lemon facial mask. Its moisturizing and clarifying action will juice up your complexion in no time.  We know that avocados contain the good kind of fats, which are the health-promoting monounsaturated fats, especially oleic acid. This means that avocados are extremely nourishing for our bodies, both inside and out. When we eat avocados as part of our regular diet, their nutrients contribute to glowing, supple skin. The same effect happens when we apply avocados topically to our skin. Their vitamins and moisturizing properties, such as vitamin E and antioxidants, help keep our skin smooth and…

Deep Cleansing for Silky Tresses

Silky tresses

Deep Cleansing for Silky Tresses I style my hair frequently and I find that over time, even with regular washing with quality products, my hair starts to look a little bit dull and feels less silky due to continuous use of styling products. I use everything from styling cream to hairspray and glitter, and it all adds up. Every once in a while, when I feel like my hair is weighed down by product buildup, the environment, or when I just want a deep clean, I mix up a simple deep cleansing wash for my hair. All you need for this recipe is a classic baby shampoo and baking soda. For this recipe, simply measure 1-2 tablespoons of baking powder into a bowl, then add…

DIY Ginger Honey Sugar Scrub

DIY Ginger Honey Scrub

Happy New Year everybody! Who among us can truly say that they stuck to clean eating throughout the holiday season?  I did not, and the evidence of this is plain on my skin, most noticeably on my thighs and butt, and the time has come to get back to the business of eating well, exercising properly, and re-devoting ourselves to a proper skin care regimen. While body scrubs will not eliminate cellulite, the vigorous massage of the area, and the sloughing off of dead skin cells, will stimulate circulation, reinvigorate your body and skin, and help your moisturizer absorb.  All of this in combination will improve the look and tone of the skin on your body, and the aroma will stimulate your senses in the…

DIY Tummy Tightening Skin Masque

Beach ready at Crystal Hills

DIY Tummy Tightening Skin Masque Since autumn began and I have been covering myself up, I have thought very little about my midsection. It is only now, when I am packing for a winter beach holiday, that it occurs to me that my mummy tummy needs some love. Naturally, I love every bit of evidence of motherhood that is apparent on my body. However, I also love my fabulous swimsuit collection, and I would like to show it off to the best of my ability. To this end, for the three weeks preceding my departure date, I have tried to be diligent about food choices at festive events, choosing to consume fewer indulgent treats and opting for the least inflammatory and healthiest food choices. I have also emphasized…

Perfectly Soft Hands

soft hands

The winter air is so very dry where I live, and being a germ-conscious mother, I wash my hands many, many times a day. Needless to say, my winter hands are dry, cracked, sensitive, and not very touchable. Although we moisturize our hands throughout the day, a good time to really give them a strong dose of uninterrupted moisture is overnight. For this hand treatment, you will need a pair of cotton gloves (you can find these in any pharmacy, or often alongside the pedicure tools at Winners), sweet almond oil (or any mild carrier oil of your choice – choose a nut-free option for those with allergies), and peppermint essential oil. In a very small bowl, combine 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and…

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